3rd grade at St. Thomas is a wonderful year for students to grow both in their academics as well as socially. The classroom is a safe and nurturing community that encourages students to explore, ask questions and try their best. The teacher helps the class to see the importance in what they are learning and connect their classroom to the outside world.

In third grade, we will utilize small group instruction to expand the reading and comprehension skills built in previous grades. In writing workshop, students learn ways to stretch their writing by adding details with the different parts of speech. The students continue to practice math skills such as money, time and measurement, while adding new concepts like multiplication and division. An exciting part of third grade is handwriting; students have mastered manuscript and are now able to tackle cursive. In Social Studies, students investigate our community and all of the people and jobs within it. Science will allow the students hands on experiments and activities with motion, study how living things grow, and discover the solar system. As a teacher, it is so great to watch the students experience all of the new and exciting things third grade has to offer and the goal is to motivate each student and to help guide them towards their individual goals and “I get it!” moments.

For more information, email Elizabeth Recla at Erecla@STA2.org. Visit our website for specific class scope and sequence information in all subjects.