6th Grade

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Language Arts
Social Studies
Math Course 1

Sixth grade is a definite transitional year for students both academically and socially. On the cusp of their middle school and teen years, they are discovering and developing their own identities and goals as they take on more personal responsibilities and accept accountability for their actions and words. Through this their self-esteem is enhanced and confidence strengthened as they become more actively involved in the learning process.

I thoroughly enjoy helping students revisit that stage in their lives when “Why?” was the most common word they uttered. Fostering curiosity for the world in which they live and helping them to identify and use tools to investigate that curiosity brings education to life and hopefully, inspires them to pursue their academic, spiritual, and social lives with enthusiasm and purpose in the coming years.

We, at St. Thomas, are able to interact with the entire child, offering encouragement and guidance to help them become the Children of God they are meant to be. As a community of faith, the school and family together strive to help each child reach his or her full potential in every aspect of life.

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