8th Grade

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Language Arts
Social Studies
Physical Science

Our day in 8th grade begins with time in the chapel for morning prayer. What a wonderful way for these young people to begin their day. After that, the day really gets rolling! The Eighth Grade curriculum consists of Religion, United States History, English, Literature, Science, Spanish, and Math. The students also take gym and technology, and have the option of taking band or art.

They look forward to lunch, which still includes a much needed recess. Class discussions, projects, and various class activities provide the students with many valuable lessons. It is a busy day without much downtime, so every once in awhile, they are given this time. Opportunities to interact as a class in a class meeting or some quiet time in class reading a good book, provides 8th graders with a necessary balance. At the end of the day, they are fulfilled and ready to go home; to complete homework, relax, or head off to their various activities. It is a very busy, very demanding day that is anything but typical.

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